kinnie stuff

i really don't care too much about kin stuff 
	so you can ignore all of this if you don't care 
	if you're here r.e: doubles, i am fine with all doubles
	if you don't know what kins are, you don't need to know 
	(it's a coping thing, not important rly)
two main ids
pls click desc for more
Dio [JJBA]
especially ascended! i'm a little iffy on joestars getting agressive with me but i'm fine if you want to say hi
Enji Todoroki [BNHA]
please don't judge me on this one! it's an au where i wasn't the asshole like in canon, indepth here

other kins
mostly in order of strength! will change sometimes! all are fairly strong to be listed here, though. may make a full list in the future
Sheogorath [TES]
Saitama [OPM]
Batter [OFF]
Aizawa [BNHA]
Bulk Bogan [Vinesauce Joel Oblivion] lol ik
Engineer [Hat sim.]
Cuphead [yes]
All Might [BNHA]
Rohan [JJBA]